Discrete (August Ramberg) is a songwriter, producer, and engineer from Stockholm, Sweden. Not too long ago, he and Sistek (a native of Chile) released their “Typo” single featuring singer-songwriters Tudor and Voss.
We filmed 'Typo' in Melbourne and Rye, Victoria over 2 days in early 2020 when the smoke from the Australian bush fires was still engulfing Melbourne and surrounding areas. We filmed 9 locations in 2 days, a testament to highly experienced crew. See our behind the scenes images below.

Directors Nick Kozakis & Liam Kelly
Cinematographer Carl Allison
Producers Fabiana Weiner & Emily Monroe
Executive Producer Timothy Whiting
1st AC & Stills Photographer Anthony Littlechild, Creative Head Rentals
Actors Ronn Kurtz & Georgia Eyers

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